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Our passion for and understanding of rattan dates back decades. We have been around long enough to call ourselves Scandinavia’s oldest producer of rattan and wicker furniture.

The story of our company begins in 1942, when Ankjær Andreasen produced the first batch of baskets, lamps, flower tables and other smaller interior items made of rush and willow. In the 1950´s, Ankjær expanded his production to include a series of furniture made from rattan, and the company Sika-Design was firmly established. The rattan was imported from the Far East, and Ankjær travelled there to purchase the rattan for his wicker makers in Denmark. During a trip in 1972, he was so impressed by the skilled wicker makers that he decided to establish a wicker furniture factory in Malaysia. Since then, the Far East has been essential to our production of furniture.

Today, we manufacture our furniture in our own factory in Indonesia. Ankjær‘s son, Knud Andreasen, took over the company in 1983, however Ankjær continued his daily “inspections” until his death in 1997. On my 10th birthday, my father allowed me to attend a fair where Sika-Design was exhibiting a series of rattan furniture. On that day, I knew I wanted to be a part of his company, and my passion for rattan furniture began. Since 1996, my father and I have worked side by side bringing Sika-Design into the new century with great design, while never letting go of our strong heritage of great craftsmanship.

Even our history begins with rattan for the interior, we have also been designing and producing furniture for the exterior for more than 15 years. We launched our first collection for the exterior in 2003, since then we have added several collections, and today most of our original rattan designs are also available for the exterior.

OUR DESIGNERS - pioneers within rattan and furniture design

Arne Jacobsen, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, Franco Albini and Viggo Boesen were all pioneers of their time – they broke new ground when they made experimental shapes of the sturdy material rattan and wicker and created sculptural and timeless Icons. Sika-Design is proud to have the rights for these designs, and to continue their experiments. We have transformed the original rattan items in to full exterior furniture, which can withstand the changing weather conditions. For our exterior collection, the models are made in hand bend aluminium and woven with ArtFibre.


In 2015, we introduced the collection, Exterior, which is based on a new exciting material that offers possibilities and expressions for our existing models. The new material ALU-rattan consists of a strong aluminium frame woven with ArtFibre. The material is maintenance free and can withstand all weather conditions. This means that original rattan models previously only suitable for indoor use now can be used in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony. The first of our original models in this collection are the Fox chair and the Albini Ottoman.

Artfibre is used in our Exterior, Affäire, ALU Affäire and Georgia Garden collections. Sika-Design ArtFibre® is a fibre made of dyed and hard-wearing polyethylene. It is ideal for outdoor use in any climate as it is temperature and UV-resistant. The ArtFibre® is flexible and, when woven, provides optimal comfort and a structure that is strong and can maintain its shape for years on end.

ALU-rattan is used in our Exterior and ALU Affäire collections. All our aluminium furniture is powder coated. The powder coating ensures a surface resistant to knocks and scratches. The furniture is well-suited to be left outside all year long and is easy to clean.


Only premium sustainable plantation-grown teak from Indonesia is used for the manufacture of our teak tables. The features of premium grade teak are a straight grain structure, the absence of knots, splits or cracks and an even overall color, which will turn grey when used outside.

What is Indonesian Legal Wood? All our teak tables carry the Indonesian Legal Wood logo. All teak wood sourcing is overseen by the Indonesian government . This means that no healthy tree too immature, or too small is removed from a forest.


The quality of good craftsmanship is also felt in our cushions, where we draw on great experience and expertise when we decide the shape and characteristics of each cushion. Our high-quality upholstery and seat cushions are made to order and can be chosen from a broad variety of high quality fabrics and styles. You can also send us your own selection of fabrics, and we will make cushions in your own fabrics.


Sika-Design selects its materials very carefully. Sika-Design work with finest quality of natural rattan and the newest technology in aluminum –also called AluRattan. We have the best craftsmen working with us in our factory. Our furniture is designed to withstand everything nature can throw at it –rain, snow and UV-rays from the sun.

Several of our chairs are stackable, making them easy to store away after a busy day, getting ready for closing time at the café. The Danish minimalist design is suitable every where. The structure of the ArtFibre and the woven seats provide flexibility and optimum comfort.