About Us

We all yearn to connect to nature. When we read a book under a tree, relax by the ocean, or dine with friends under the stars, it nourishes our soul.

Frustrated by the tedious and impossible task of finding all the finest outdoor products amongst the endless expanse of the internet, founders Bob Allred & Tessa Carpenter were inspired to create Juniper House, the go-to source for the best the world has to offer for your outdoor. 

The Juniper team is on an endless quest to bring you the best designed and crafted collections from around the world while creating a fun and simple experience from your first click and even after delivery. During our exploration we found fantastic finds that were made for the interior but embodied this indoor/outdoor lifestyle and could not resist offerring them to round out this casual but luxurious lifestyle we yearn to call home.

Headquartered in the geographic embodiment of the luxury outdoor lifestyle, Palm Springs California with customer relations specialists throughout the United States to assist you in person if needed we are here to provide a personal shopping experience for you.

Let us help you make your outdoor an oasis. A retreat from the world.

2736 South Camino Real
Palm Springs, California 92264

   (800) 503-1458

email us at contactus@juniperhouse.com


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