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    We appreciate the encounters, the genuineness and the special moments of exchange.  We love to live outside and design the furniture which allows you to take advantage of it.

    In order to offer you outdoor the same comfort than indoor, most of our collections have cushions. However we take into consideration the greater technical constraints: UV, pollution, extreme weather.

    We have (strong) personality, our creations are free and bold. We are rigorous and we are committed to satisfy our clients. Like you, we want to be ourselves. Therefore we invite you to use our collections as a trait of your personality.

    EGO Paris, Maison de caractère(s)


    We chose with great care our sewing threads : their technical characteristics and their colours so that they perfectly match with our textiles.

    For a hard-wearing sewing and a great resistance to UV, our Vinyls are sewn with a Serafil 15 with a double-stitching. For the cushions with fabrics, it is a simple stitching with over-edge seams in order to avoid the fibre unravelling.

    The Waterproof fabrics are high-frequency welded.


    On the underside of the cushions, we place an aeration grid offering a good ventilation of the foam that prevent the growth of moulds. It also enable a better water evacuation and then a faster drying of the cushions.