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    Our vision is to see beyond sight

    Sergey Makhno Architects produces art to live in – architecture, interiors, and products. We experiment with materials, textures, forms trying to create something timeless – a piece of art that will exist beyond the time.  In product design, we’re obsessed with craft and quality.  All our lamps, furniture, tiles and kitchenware are handmade and produced in limited editions.

    Meter by meter we create new worlds with trees growing in a living room, lamps in the size of a man, and tiles repeating the form of a bird.     

    We choose natural materials and colors: wood, concrete, copper, clay, flax. We don’t process the textures. We find beauty around and complete it.

    We create things inside out

    We create for those who are obsessed with beauty as we are. They disagree with just “fine”. They inspire us with shining eyes and a desire to change. Together, we create new worlds.

    Since 2003, we have been creating projects intertwining Ukrainian traditions, world trends and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the forces of nature, human talent and architectural mind.  We work with architecture, landscape design, interior design, and product design. The main task of our specialists — architects, designers, engineers, artists — is to create comfort that will become near and dear.

    Based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Working worldwide. 

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