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    Flamenco® & Petite Flamenco® Umbrella




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    The signature Flamenco®, with its fully frill-covered canopy, and the more understated Petite Flamenco®, with its clean lines and crisply tailored ruffles, both take inspiration from the volantes — the frills found on the skirt of a traditional Andalusian Flamenco dress.  While most umbrellas only shade you from the sun, these umbrellas do so with fashion in mind. Sewn entirely in-house by our skilled seamstresses, either Flamenco will add a dash of spice to any setting.
    Petite Flamenco Umbrella - Round - Metal

    Petite Flamenco Umbrella - Round - Metal

    $ 3,190.00
    Flamenco Umbrella - Round - Metal

    Flamenco Umbrella - Round - Metal

    $ 4,057.00