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    Cirque® Umbrella




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    The Cirque umbrella’s canopy is constructed by seaming together two solid colors of awning weight fabric to create a custom stripe pattern. The seamstresses at Santa Barbara Designs developed this unique umbrella in their Southern California workroom to address the need for more variation in customised canopy colors. Thousands of unique color block combinations are possible. The Cirque umbrella incorporates a streamlined frame from the Riviera collection, and a canopy finished with a choice of two valances. The overall look is fresh, clean and current.
    Cirque Umbrella - Round - Teak

    Cirque Umbrella - Round - Teak

    $ 3,200.00
    Cirque Umbrella - Square - Teak

    Cirque Umbrella - Square - Teak

    $ 3,333.00