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    A contemporary vision of an emblematic waterfront figure, the Nested Cabins revisit the traditional concept of the beach cabins. They still retain the charm of these little houses and their coloured stripes. Each cabin is a comfortable and modular space for sharing time with your loved ones.

    The structure of the Nested Cabins is made of powder-coated aluminium. The deck / slats is in ash wood from sustainably managed French forests and has been heat-treated, ensuring excellent weather resistance and longevity.

    The Nested Cabins are delivered unassembled in 8 to 11 pieces. The assembly is very easy. The cabins have 2 front rollers in order to facilitate their manipulation.

    Biarritz Cabin

    Biarritz Cabin

    $ 10,080.00
    Biarritz Cabin $ 10,080.00
    Deauville Cabin

    Deauville Cabin

    $ 12,340.00
    Deauville Cabin $ 12,340.00
    Honfleur Cabin

    Honfleur Cabin

    $ 12,960.00
    Honfleur Cabin $ 12,960.00
    Noirmoutier Cabin

    Noirmoutier Cabin

    $ 13,580.00
    Noirmoutier Cabin $ 13,580.00
    Pampelonne Cabin

    Pampelonne Cabin

    $ 14,180.00
    Pampelonne Cabin $ 14,180.00